SAMP Software subscription data does not automatically map to the corresponding Software Models


"SAM - Import User Subscriptions" job would import the Software subscriptions for Office 365 or Adobe.

Link to the job: https://<instance-name>

In some cases the subscription data is loaded but they are not associated to the corresponding Software model records.

Subscription data would be loaded into this table: samp_sw_subscription

Release or Environment

Software Asset Management Professional for Adobe/Software Asset Management Professional for Microsoft plugins are installed.


The job "SAM - Import User Subscriptions" did not complete successfully and might have some issues while looking yup the content.

The job status can be checked in the 'samp_job_log' table.

When running the scheduled job through the background script below errors are observed:

Job was run like below:

new SamImportUserSubscriptions().process();

Errors observed:

CanonicalName: Discovered Name: 'Adobe Systems' Canonical is: 'Adobe Systems'
CanonicalName: Discovered Name: Adobe Systems core_company is: 445182cfdb80ff406adb54904b961961
Background message, type:error, message: Publisher and Product manufacturer do not match
Operation against file 'cmdb_software_product_model' was aborted by Business Rule 'Product should match publisher^1fd013d2dbf733448812644a4b9619c9'. Business Rule Stack:Product should match publisher

The reason why "Product should match publisher" business rule was failing is because there are two core_company records for Adobe Systems.



Combine the two company records into one and running the job again fixed the issue.