Unable to set fields to read only on a variable editor in a custom scope.


Unable to set fields to read only on a variable editor in a custom scope.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to sys_db_object, search for incident and Check the Extensible checkbox.
2.From the studio, create a new application with any scope
3.Create a table within that application that extends incident.
4.Create a UI formatter for the newly created table using the formatter "com_glideapp_questionset_default_question_editor"
5.Using a new or existing record producer (eg Service Category Request) , set the "Table name" to the above table. Create some variables if none exist.
6.Add the Formatter to the new table form.
7.Create an on load Client Script on the new table that will hide one of the variables.
eg. g_form.setDisplay("variables.var1", false);
8.Using the record producer created in step 5, submit the record.
9.Navigate to the created record if you aren't already redirected, notice the variable hidden in step 7 is not hidden.
10.Now create a catalog UI policy on the same record producer hiding the same variable, notice the variables are hiding correctly.


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