Revert to New is not working in Change Request


Revert to New UI action is not working in Change request

Revert to New is not reverting to New but moving change to Authorize or next state

Approvals are not reset by Revert to New UI action


The out-of-box (OOB) workflow name below were changed:

The 'Revert to New' UI action is calling the script include 'ChangeRequest' which calls another script include 'ChangeRequestSNC' which uses the OOB workflow names above


1) Rename the workflow back to the out-of-box (OOB) workflow names

2) If you wish to keep the new name, please note that you cannot customize ChangeRequestSNC. However, you can do a customization of the ChangeRequest script include which calls the ChangeRequestSNC script include instead

3) You can also create a custom UI action equivalent of 'Revert to New' which will not call the OOB ChangeRequest script include. You can transfer the OOB functionality instead to this custom UI action.