Report Source [sys_report_source] form's Condition Builder cuts off date/calendar picker


Build information:
New York, Madrid

Issue Description:
User Interface is faulty when editing/creating a Report Source [sys_report_source] record. The display is unexpectedly cut short while introducing a scroll bar instead of displaying all within the user's view of the form..

- User is adding a date condition to a Report Source
- The date/calendar picker appears cut off after a single row of dates.
- A scroll bar appear to the right

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Reports > Administration > Report Sources
2. Select an existing Report Source (ex: Incidents.Open
3. In the Filter, add "Opened" > "On" > and select the dropdown.

Expected behavior
Date picker should display

Actual behavior
The picker is not fully displayed. A scrollbar is introduced for the small amount of space required.


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