Email Reader jobs do not fetch emails from mailbox when is set to false and email reader job set to "On Demand"


When the following conditions are verified:
- there are more than one Email Reader scheduled jobs configured on the instance
- the first-created email reader sys_trigger job is set to run "On Demand" while the other Email Reader job is set to 'interval'
- the "" system property is set to false (default value is "false")

Then the inbound email will stop processing.

The Email Reader jobs set to 'Interval' will generate "Skipping Email Reader. Job: <sys_id of job> - Account group processing disabled" error message, and do not fetch any emails from the instance mailbox(es).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Make sure instance is enabled for email receiving.

2. Go to the original (earliest-created) Email Reader job in sys_trigger table record and duplicate by right clicking on the gray header and selecting "Insert and Stay", then save so that there are now 2 email reader jobs.

3. Go to earliest-created Email Reader job, and set the trigger type to "On Demand". Observe the following error message in the application node logs for the other Email Reader job that is running on 'Interval':
2019-09-10 00:43:26 (710) worker.1 worker.1 txid=4b305fa11b7f *** Start Background transaction - system, user: system
2019-09-10 00:43:26 (713) worker.1 worker.1 txid=4b305fa11b7f Starting: Email Reader.8dfea3511b377f000cdd993d1d4bcbb5, Trigger Type: Interval, Priority: 25, Upgrade Safe: true, Repeat: 2 Minutes
2019-09-10 00:43:26 (713) worker.1 worker.1 txid=4b305fa11b7f Name: Email Reader

Job Context:
#Tue Sep 10 00:41:56 PDT 2019

2019-09-10 00:43:26 (717) worker.1 worker.1 txid=4b305fa11b7f WARNING *** WARNING *** Skipping Email Reader. Job: 8dfea3511b377f000cdd993d1d4bcbb5 - Account group processing disabled
2019-09-10 00:43:26 (719) worker.1 worker.1 txid=4b305fa11b7f Completed: Email Reader in 0:00:00.003, next occurrence is 2019-09-10 09:44:55


This is expected behaviour. You should not have multiple Email Reader jobs until the system has first been properly configured to support email account groups. See the email account groups configuration steps.

Set the first-created email reader job to "Interval", and remove other Email Reader jobs to restore proper configuration and operation of non Email Account Group processing mode.

Multiple Email Reader jobs are not a viable way to speed up email fetch operation. Email Account Groups and multiple email reader jobs provide no benefit and should not be used, unless the instance has multiple active inbound email accounts to read.

Related Problem: PRB1360904