Project Tasks Double Counting Actual Effort


Project Tasks Double Counting of Actual Effort when Auto Approval is active and the "Submit Time Card" UI Action is run on all records from the Related List.


This issue was happening due to your "Submit Time Card" UI Action being customized to not have anything on the Condition field.

When you select all on the related list and run this UI Action, it will set each value to "Submitted" no matter what the state.
Once it is submitted, it is automatically approved. When it is approved, the "Update task actual effort" Business Rule fires and takes the previous Actual Effort value and adds it to the newly approved ones.
Since all of the records were approved a second time, the Actual Effort is doubled.


To revert the UI Action, follow the steps below.


1. Navigate to System Definition > UI Actions

2. In the "Name" column search for "Submit Time Card" and go to the record

3. In the Versions related list, go to the record with the Source of "System Upgrades: glide-LATEST_RELEASE..."

4. Select the "Revert to this version" related link and select OK when prompted.