A report title containing the ampersand character "&" renders in the widget tooltip as "&"


A report title in the tooltip when hovering over in the report designer renders the character "&" as "&".

Steps to Reproduce

1. Pick any report with a bar, donut, pie, or other types.
2. Add an ampersand (&) to the title.
3. Save or Run the report.
4. Hover over the visual element until the tooltip with the report title appears. Observe the & in the shown title.


This is expected behaviour as a side effect of running the escapeHTML function on the title before sending it to hiChart to avoid any malicious XSS attack that might come when having executable scripts in the title. Removing the escapeHTML function would make SN code vulnerable for such type of attack, and the scripts in the title would be executable.

Related Problem: PRB1360225