The Branding Editor theme color changes are not reflected on the scoped HR Portal


Unable to change the Branding Editor theme color on the scoped HR Portal. For global application, the branding editor works as expected, but the issue is happening only for the Human Resources: Service Portal application.

Steps to Reproduce

In the latest Madrid instance

  1. Activate the HR scoped application and HR Service Portal plugins
  2. Change the application scope to Human Resources: Service Portal
  3. Go to Service Portal Configuration
  4. Select Branding Editor
  5. Click on the "Theme Colors" tab
  6. Change the color of "Navbar divider" or "Navbar Background"

Actual behavior - After a page refresh, no color is not reflected on the portal.

Expected behavior -The color change should be reflected on Portal.


This is working as expected in a base system. If the "Application" field for "Portal" (ex: HR Service Portal) is set to "Global" then you should be able to update theme colors and it displays the preview/portal with updated colors. If "Application" is scoped then ACL prevents the updates to the theme.

Related Problem: PRB1357854