Enable wildcard (*) search in Typeahead Search widget in Service Portal


If there are two knowledge articles with the words as 'black' in first article's short description and 'blackboard' in second article's short description, when we do a 'FOR TEXT' search from the list view of kb_knowledge table for black* both the results are returned. However, searching for the same in Typeahead search in Service Portal does not return both the results. This article describes how to enable Wildcard search(*) in Service Portal (sp portal)

Release or Environment

Any supported release


'Knowledge Search' Contextual Search is used in 'Knowledge' search source in SP Portal. If 'Enable wildcard searches' checkbox is unchecked in the 'Knowledge Search' Search Context, wildcard search does not work.


Here are the steps to resolve the issue

1. Go to Contextual Search -> Search Contexts.
2. Open 'Knowledge Search' record.
3. Check 'Enable wildcard searches' to true.

Additional Information

This issue is observed only in SP portal. Searching for the same in /kb portal returns the results as expected as 'kb' portal uses 'Knowledge Base Search' where wildcard search is enabled by default in Out of box for this Search context.