UI policy to "clear the variable value" does not clear out price in ordering item widget in platform


When using a UI policy to "clear the variable value" The price on the ordering item widget in platform, does not update to zero and still maintains the previous price.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a catalog item 
Create 2 variables, one to drive visibility of the other. The second variable should be a lookup select box with field"lookup price field" should be a price 
Create a Catalog UI policy such that the first variables value shows or hides the second variable. 
On the UI Policy Action check "Clear the variable value" 

select the value to display the second variable. 
select a value with a price in the second variable. 
select the value to hide the second variable. 

The price on the order item widget does not reflect the value going back to 0. 


The lookup select box would need to have the checkbox "include none" checked. When the UI policy clears the variable value, the variable would default to the "none" choice on the lookup select box variable. 

Additional Information

This is how it would work, when item with a price is selected the widget is updated, and then the checkbox is unchecked the UI policy with "clear the variable value" runs and the price goes to zero.