Resource allocation is not even when "Allocation spread" is set to even


When we create an allocation, the numbers are not created correctly. We have configured 7.5 as a Person Day, but if we create an allocation with 5 person days, the hours for the five days are 8, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7 instead of 7.5 every day. This also gives a mismatch between Capacity and Project Confirmed in Resource Aggregates Daily 

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System Property "com.snc.resource_management.allocation_interval_minutes" set to 60 minutes.

The person day is set to 7.5 hours. So when you want to allocate for a week , then total hours = 37.5. As the property is set to 60 minutes as allocation interval, the system tries to allocate initial even hours for example 7 hours per day and remaining hours are randomly allocated.




  1. Go to System Properties
  2. Search for the property ""com.snc.resource_management.allocation_interval_minutes
  3. Change the value= 30 minutes and save it.

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