Time Cards are not updating the Actual Hours field on a Resource Plan.


The "Actual Hours" field on a Resource Plan does not increment when a timecard is submitted. When a Resource Plan is extended by a week, a new Resource Weekly Allocation is created, but it is left at 0-hours. When a Time Card submitted against the 0-hour allocation week, the Resource Plan's Actual Hours will not update accordingly even after the Time Card is approved.

Note: Even though the "Actual Hours" are not updating accordingly, the changes will still be reflected at the Project level.

Review the images below:
Figure 1: In the image below there are two resources allocations listed in the Resource Plan (RPLN0001006)'s Resource Allocations tab in the related list.

Figure 2:
RALLOC0001029 was created automatically along with its "Resource Allocation Daily" records when RPLN0001006 was approved

Figure 3: RALLOC0001034 was created automatically when RPLN0001006's end date was extended, but "Resource Allocation Daily" records were not created:

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This is an expected OOB behavior described in PRB1350114. In order to have the actual hours reflect the timecards submitted, the user/admin will have to create "resource allocation daily" records within the "weekly resource allocation".

The "Actual Hours" field for a Resource Plan do not reflect the timecards being submitted when there are no daily resource allocation records because Daily Resource Allocation Records are not created automatically when a Resource Plan is extended.

When a time card is submitted, the system will look for a daily record, if it finds, it will update the actual hours and cost on the daily record and it will get rolled up to the resource plan, but because there is no "Daily Resource Allocation" record, the system does not assign the timecard to the Resource Allocation.