Embeding a Survey within Outlook Client


Customer has set up an interactive survey in which when user receives a survey email with smilies.

When user click on the smiley icon it should send the survey directly to the instance but instead, it opens an outlook page with To, Subject and Body to send an email to the instance with survey.

Release or Environment



This requirement can be achieved in Madrid instance by embedding an interactive survey in the email notification sent to a user. The user can answer the survey questions and submit the survey from the email client instead of opening the survey in a new browser tab.


Madrid version has introduced a plugin - Outlook Actionable Message (OAM) - com.sn_ms_oam. This plugin needs to be activated.

Steps to follow further - 

  1. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Notifications.
  2. For the survey notification, in the What it will contain tab, add the following script in the Message field in addition to the existing information.
  3. Navigate to Survey > View Surveys, and open a survey.
  4. To send an email notification to the survey user, select the Send notifications checkbox.
  5. Select the Outlook Actionable Message checkbox and save the survey.
  6. Click Assign Survey and assign the survey to a user.
    An email notification with the embedded survey is sent to the user. The user can take the survey and submit it from the email client instead of opening the survey in a new browser tab.

Additional Information

The following questions are not supported for an embedded survey - 

Following Configuration gets activated when Outlook Actionable Message plugin is activated.

Plugin -


Email Scripts - 
include_approval_actionable (Used for embedded approval request notifications)

include_survey_actionable (Used for embedded survey notifications)

Scripted REST APIs - 
Approval End Point
Survey End Point

Office OIDC well-known config - 
It is used to validate the JWT token servicenow instance receives from Outlook when user performs any action on the embedded survey notification.