Since New York the Script Editor displays warnings "Mixed spaces and tabs" despite being appropriate for object notation


Starting with the New York release, the Script Editor (used in Script Includes, ACLs, etc) gives warnings when it detects a combination of tabs and spaces in code. However, there are instances where mixing tabs and spaces is appropriate, like object / hash-map notation where center justification around the ':' makes reading easier.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login a New York or later instance.

2. Open a script editor/field and create an object with the columns aligned for Center Justification, or alternatively import the attached file sys_script_include_SampleObject.xml.

3. Open the script include SampleObject. Observe the 'obj' is center justified making it easy to read. Notice the unexpected warnings given.


This is expected behaviour. Warnings can be turned off editing theĀ  system property "glide.ui.syntax_editor.linter.eslint_config", changing the option "no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs" from "warn" to "off".

Related Problem: PRB1355985