Update Set Picker does not select correct UpdateSet when application is chosen via Application Picker.


When an application is chosen in the "Application Picker", the "Default" UpdateSet of the scoped application is not selected/created. It always selects an UpdateSet in the "global" scope.

Release or Environment

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The sys_user_preference table has records with name starting with "updateSetForScope<sys_id_of_scoped_app>". The "User" and "Value" field plays a role in determining which UpdateSet will be selected in the "Update Set Picker".


1) Find the sys_id of the scoped application being selected in "Application Picker".

2) Check sys_user_preference table with name starting with "UpdateSetForScope<sys_id_of_scoped_app>"

3) In that list, in the "User" field, check if there is a record with the logged in user. If not, the "Value" column of the "(empty)" User will be used to select the UpdateSet. If "User" exists, then that "Value" sys_id will be used to select the UpdateSet. For example, in the attached picture, the 3 row from the top "Abel Tuter" is the "User". If "Abel Tuter" selects scoped app with sys_id 82878663ff123100158bffffffffff67 then UpdateSet with sys_id e14586eddbed37009895ef728a9619dd will be selected in the UpdateSet.