How to check for Apache Ignite version that is included in the MID server


As per the Documentation below on "Upgrade information for all Madrid features and products" we upgrade the Apache Ignite software to version 2.5.3.

Some customer may want to know the current version of Apache Ignite Software version and want to know how to find it.

During the upgrade to Madrid, the Apache Ignite software that runs on Operational Intelligence MID Servers in MID Server distributed clusters is upgraded to version 2.5.3. 


There is a"ignite-core.jar" that comes with the MID Server located in the "Agent/lib" directory.

Below is the example on how to check for Ignite version

[snow@ip-172-31-0-24 ~]$ cd /midserver/london/agent/lib/
[snow@ip-172-31-0-24 lib]$ pwd
[snow@ip-172-31-0-24 lib]$ ls -al *ignite*
-rw-r--r--. 1 snow snow 9697181 Jul 9 13:20 ignite-core.jar
-rw-r--r--. 1 snow snow 58063 Jul 9 13:20 ignite-shmem.jar
[snow@ip-172-31-0-24 lib]$ unzip -p ignite-core.jar |tail -5
#Generated by Maven 
#Thu Jul 20 17:33:14 UTC 2017
[snow@ip-172-31-0-24 lib]$