The [sys_relationship] records can not be added to Related List in Mobile Agent


The [sys_relationship] record can be added to a Related List in the native/platform view, but not in the Mobile App Studio.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure the plugin "ITSM Mobile" is Active.
  2. Click to open one incident record.
  3. Click on the head menu "Configure > Related Lists". Notice you can add the [sys_relationship] 'Incidents by Same Caller' to the related lists.
  4. Navigate to and open Studio.
  5. Select 'ITSM Mobile' Application.
  6. Click to open the 'Active Incidents' Applet.
  7. Select 'Related Lists'
  8. Click the '+' button to add a new Related List. The relationship record 'Incidents by Same Caller' can not be found in the popup Relationship options.


This is expected behaviour, this type of relationship is not supported in the current Mobile platform. There is an ongoing investigation in our SN Idea Portal on this topic: SNOW Agent Mobile App (Madrid) - we want to design custom related list.

Related Problem: PRB1356493