ATF is not displaying a field when using paramaterised test


ATF cannot display the field whose visibility is set by Catalog UI Policy

I create the Parameterised ATF test 'My New Test' as follows to place an order for a catalog item called 'Access'. 


The catalog item 'Access' has a variable set 'acc'. It will display the text line 'what is your account number' if the checkbox 'do you have an account' is ticked (TRUE)


However, the ATF test failed at the step 'Variable State Validation (SP)' with the error 'FAILURE: Expected field 'what is your account number' to be visible but it was not visible. See screenshot'







It happens when using Parameterised ATF test. If I set 'do you have an account' in step 'Set Variable Values (SP)' to True explicitly, the test could complete successfully


The Parameterised ATF test could not handle Service Catalog checkbox value (True of False) properly. It is reported in PRB1314370


As a workaround, set the Service Catalog checkbox value without ATF Parameter Definition


Additional Information

Could subscribe to the ticket PRB1314370 to get more update about the fix