Arkansas map report data missing



Creators or viewers of a map report may find that map reports that include the States within the United States of America  are showing no data for the state of Arkansas despite the fact that there should be data corresponding to that state as returned by that report.

Missing count data for Arkansas


Record which should appear in Arkansas


This issue occurs due to the fact that the Location Mapping code for the state of Arkansas is unintentionally missing from new, out of box builds or instances which have been zBooted or otherwise reverted to an out-of-box state..  This can easily be rectified by adding this correct ISO-3166-2 mapping for the state of Arkansas to the appropriate table on the instance.


The following steps can thus be performed on the instance to add the code for Arkansas if this issue is encountered:

Log into the instance with an account which is a member of the admin or report_admin role.

Type sys_report_map_source_mapping.list in the Filter navigator on the instance.

A short list of Mapping groups will appear.  Click the record in the list with the name Region and state mappings to open that record for editing.

In the Mapping group record that appears, review the related list of Location Mappings associated to this record.

Notice that in this case, there will no record found for Arkansas, which should have a Key value of AR.

Mapping group location mappings list

Thus, to correct the issue, we will be adding a new Location Mapping record to represent Arkansas.

Click the New button in the Location Mappings related list.

Populate the fields in the new Location Mappings record as follows:

Key: AR

Value: us-ar

Map: United States of America

New mapping record for Arkansas

Click the Submit button to save the record.


Once this is corrected, reports that previously had displayed no data for the state of Arkansas should then show the correct counts (providing there are such records in the instance and the other location settings are correct for that state).

Correct report display for the state of Arkansas

Additional Information

Note that a very similar procedure can be followed to add a new or previously removed Location Mapping from the instance.  The data to be used for the record should conform to the ISO 3166 standards.

The official ISO 3166 Standards list of State Codes as associated to the United States of America can be found at the following URL:


The ServiceNow Docs site article that describes how to add a Key/Value pairing for the Location Mappings for map reports  within the ServiceNow platform for the current version of the product cam be found at:

Create a key-value pair mapping