Service Status widget on service portal shows limited information related to a business service when we hover over chiclets.



'Service Status' widget shows outage information related to a business service for the past 90 days (backdated from the current date). This widget only shows limited information like outage message and date. But it doesn't show full outage details like task number, short description, etc.,

Service status widget

The 'Service Status' widget on 'service_status' portal page requires a business service (cmdb_ci_service) as an input parameter in the URL. It gives outage information related to the Business Service record for the past 90 days. This is the direct URL of OOB 'Service Status' widget.



  1. Navigate to 'cmdb_ci_outage' table list view. Open any outage record and note down the 'sys_id' of the business service associated with this outage.
  2. Use the below URL to view the service status of this Business Service in the portal:
  3. Hover over any chiclet that is in green color. It shows the tooltip as 'No issues' and the 'Date' that corresponds to the chiclet.
  4. Hover over any chiclet that is in red color. It shows the tooltip as 'Outage' and also the 'Date' on which it occurred.

Observe that full outage details like a short description, task number, etc., aren't shown on the tooltip. This is working as per design and OOB 'Service Status'  widget is not configured to show complete outage details. However, this behavior can be changed by customizing the OOB 'Service Status' widget. For example, if we would like to show 'short_description' of the outage on the tooltip:

  • Create a clone of the 'Service Status' widget. Modify the server script of the widget to push 'short_description' of an outage record to the 'day' array (you might need to add the script after line no.25)
  • After pulling the value of 'Short Description' we can make use of this in HTML template using OOB angular directive ng-bind-html

Additional Information

We can also clone OOB 'Service History' widget to show full details of an outage record on the portal page 'service_status'.