Which features do MID Servers not support, depending on whether it is running on a Linux or Windows Host



Some ServiceNow features use MID Servers, and additionally rely on features of the host operating system, or 3rd party applications that only support certain operating systems.

The following table lists known limitations, which will dictate which Host OS the MID Server will need to be installed on. This list is not comprehensive, and does not include anything that would be expected to work on both Windows and Linux:

 Windows MID ServerLinux MID Server
MID ServerYesMultiple installs on the same host not supported.
All Capabilities except:
DiscoveryYesAll Probes except:
Host Discovery of Windows devices.
Application Discovery of Windows Applications via Powershell APIs (MSSQL, IIS, etc.)  

All templates except Powershell.

Activities not supported:
AD Activity Pack
Exchange Activity Pack
SCCM activity pack

Plugins not supported:
Password Reset Orchestration Add-on
Client Software Distribution 

IntegrationHubYesSpokes not supported:
Microsoft AD spoke
Microsoft SCCM spoke
Patterns for Service Mapping / Horizontal DiscoveryYesPattern Steps not supported:
Get registry key
LDAP query
WMI method invocation
WMI query
Data collection and discovery using Netflow for Service MappingNoYes

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