'MID Server -> MID SNMP Trap Listener' form doesn't load if Event Management Plugin isn't installed


According to the docs, SNMP traps can be configured without Event Management:

Upon opening the form, on an instance without event management, the form fails to load correctly (Javascript doesn't load).

The sys_ui_section record contains a reference to an Event Management table that doesn't exist, breaking the form, although they are supposed to be independent.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Create a new instance (OOTB) or log-in to an instance that doesn't have 'Event Management/ITOM' installed
2) Navigate to MID Server -> MID SNMP Trap Listener
3) Click 'New' UI Action
4) Note that JS does not load, page does not respond correctly.


  1. Login and navigate to this sys_ui_section record:
  2. Locate and open the '12M.ecc_agent_ext_context_trap.em_snmp_to_credentials.snmp' section element.
  3. Export the record as XML
  4. Go back and delete the section element
  5. The form will now load. If you notice that other functionality is affected you can roll back the change by importing the above XML file.

Related Problem: PRB1353786