When an user request a Catalog Item with specific due date it is not cascaded to Catalog task record



When an user requests a Catalog Item and fills in the due date. This date is cascaded to Requested Item record but not to Catalog task record. 


Catalog Task Activity is defined incorrectly.


Checkout the definition of Catalog Task Activity. Follow below steps to set Catalog Task's Due Date to be same as that of Requested Item Due Date.

  1. Navigate to 'Workflow Editor' present under 'Workflow' module and search for the workflow associated with Catalog Item
  2. Open the workflow and look for particular Catalog Task activity that creates the task with incorrect due date.
  3. Open up activity definition by double-clicking "Activity Properties" icon present on top-left corner of the Catalog Task activity.
  4. "Activity Properties:Catalog Task" window opens up
  5. Under "Schedule" section, you will find "Due date based on" field. Check if this field is set to "A date/time or duration field", if not then set it to this value.
  6. Above step will add mandatory "Field" to "Basics" section. This "Field" is used to specify from which field you are getting the Due date of this Catalog task. 
  7. Set this "Field" to "Due date" i.e (Requested Item's Due Date)

Additional Information

To learn more about "Catalog Task workflow activity", refer below documentation