"SNMP - Routing" probe launched for BGP Routers causes Out Of Memory on MID Server


The "SNMP - Routing" probe launched for BGP Routers causing OOM errors on the MID Server.

Steps to Reproduce

Run discovery on any BGP router and see that 'SNMP - routing' is being triggered.


NOTE: This workaround is for Probe based discovery of IP Router. For Pattern based discovery, it's being addressed in PRB1352387

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The workaround consists in editing the SNMP - Classify sensor:

- after the following line:

capabilities['block_router_exploration'] = 'false';

- add the following code block:

var blockBGP = gs.getProperty('glide.discovery.bgp_router_disable', 'true') == 'true';
if (blockBGP && isBGP())
capabilities['block_router_exploration'] = 'true';

function isBGP(){
var bgpVersion = snmp.getOIDText( oid_mib2 + 'bgp.' + 'bgpVersion' );
var bgpLocalASN = snmp.getOIDText( oid_mib2 + 'bgp.' + 'bgpLocalAs' );
var bgpID = snmp.getOIDText( oid_mib2 + 'bgp.' + 'bgpIdentifier' );
return (JSUtil.notNil(bgpVersion) && bgpLocalASN != '0' && bgpID != '');

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