The Card record layout display in Connect Chat View is not honoured in Live Chat Virtual Agent display


When using Connect View to configure the fields to display on a record card (, the card layout is correct only on Connect Chat using the chat queue, but not honoured when using Virtual Agent link for the agent who created the record.

Steps to Reproduce

Required plugins with demo data:
Customer Service Portal (com.glide.service-portal.customer-portal), Customer Service Virtual Agent Conversations (com.sn_csm.virtualagent).

1. Navigate to the list view sn_customerservice_case.list.
2. Right-click on a column header and select Configure > List Layout.
3. In the View name drop-down list, choose New to create a new view.
4. Name the new view 'Connect'.
5. Edit the fields accordingly and Save.
6. Impersonate a Customer Service Scope (i.e. itil).
7. Go to the Customer Service Portal /csm page.
8. Click on the chat icon on the right header to open the Virtual Agent Chat.
9. Click on 'Contact Support' from the More (three dots) icon on the panel.
10. In another browser or incongnito window, impersonate a Customer Support Agent (i.e. John Janson).
11. Accept the Chat.
12. Create Case from Chat action.

Observe the default card layout is displayed on the Virtual Agent Chat panel, instead of the connect view.


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