Dot-walked field values do not get saved and displays blank field on the form


Any updates to a dot walked field on the form doesn't get saved or the field is blank all the time. Even when creating a new record, the values entered to a dot walked field don't display on the record.

Steps to Reproduce

In Madrid OOB instance:
1. Navigate to incident.list
2. Open an incident record
3. Right click on header and configure form layout
4. Search for Location field
5. Dot walk location and select Location.City (Or any field in location table)
6. Save
7. Type some value in the City field (eg: Chicago)
8. Save the update

Actual behavior: Observe that the value (Chicago) doesn't get saved and the field remains blank.
Excepted behavior: The entered value in dot walked field should get saved and displayed on the form.


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