How to Remove the Stage Bubble to Display a Value from a List on the Request Item Table


The following KB details simple steps to remove the stage bubbles stored in the stage field on the request item table to display the value of where the RITM is currently in.


By default, the stage field displays a widget that shows the stage bubble that reflects where the RITM is in the workflow. To display the value without the bubbles follow these steps.

  1. Go the list view of the sc_req_item table
  2. Move the stage field so that it displays as the first field in the list view

By performing these steps the user/Admin will now see that the stage field will now display a value instead of the stage bubbles. Likewise if the user wanted to see the stage bubbles simply move the stage field to the left. So long as it is not the first field in a list it will always display as a widget.

With Stage Bubble

Without Stage Bubble