Billing jobs fails with Credential error after upgrade



The Cloud(AWS/Azure)  billing jobs fails with below credentials error  "Credential with ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX not Found" even the credentials are available with the SysID on Respective tables.

Steps to verify

  • Log into the Instance 
  • Navigator >> Cloud Management >> Admin Portal >> Analyze >> Billing 
  • Billing Schedule >> Billing Jobs 
  • We can see the error 

  • Navigator >> Discovery >> Credentials >> Verify for the Azure/AWS credentials 
  • Copy the SysID from the error message and verify if the Credentials with the same ID is available or not 


  • The issue has started post upgrading the Instance.
  • The upgrade has skipped the Script includes related to "sys_ui_related_cmdb_ci_azure_subscription_null" and all the billing related Scripts.


  • Please verify all the upgrade history for "Customization unchanged" and revert back to the base system.
  • If there are no "Customization unchanged", please recreate the Service Account along with the credentials.
      1. Delete the existing Azure/AWS Credentials.
      2. Recreate the  Azure/AWS Credentials.
      3. Initiate a new job.