Authentication for SOAP Message and SOAP Message function


Knowledge article talks about the authentication available for SOAP Message & the SOAP Message Function and differences between them.


SOAP Message:

When a SOAP message is created, in order to download the provided WSDL the authentication is mandatory. The Authentication type will be shown only when needed to download the WSDL. (Like providing the authentication when creating a project with WSDL in the SOAP UI)

SOAP Message function:

Once the SOAP message is created and the sample message has been generated, for every SOAP message function authentication needs to be given which is mandatory. The SOAP Message function will not use/inherit the authentication given in the SOAP Message. (like you pass the authentication for every function in the SOAP UI i.e: get, insert, delete, etc) 


SOAP Message Function needs to be provided with the Authentication and will not be inherited from the SOAP Message

Additional Information

SOAP MessageSOAP Message Function
Authentication in SOAP Message is to only authenticate and download the WSDLAuthentication in SOAP Message function is to authenticate and consume from the endpoint
Authentication provided in the message cannot be used by the functionAuthentication cannot be inherited from SOAP Message and for every function, it has to be provided.