How to change MID Server user


The MID Server connects to an instance by using the SOAP web service. To allow authentication with the instance, a separate user account is created for each MID Server. Once a mid server is configured, the mid server user rarely needs to be modified however in case such a requirement exists, this article lists the steps to perform this procedure.

Note: Changing a MID Server user will cause disruption to applications that depend on the MID server.

Release or Environment

All releases


1. Create a new MID Server user and grant the mid_server role as per the documentation.

2. Access the MID server host and open up the config.xml file located at <Install path>\agent folder

3. Update the mid.instance.username parameter with the new username and update the mid.instance.password with the new password. The password value is in clear text. The two parameters would look like as in the following example:

4. Scroll to the bottom of the config.xml file and remove the parameter below:

<parameter name="keypairs.mid_id" value="XXXX"/>

5. Save the config.xml file and restart the MID Server service.

6. Go back to the MID server page on the instance and you should see a message similar to this:

Logged in user 'miduser' does not match configured user 'newmiduser'. Check the MID Server user configuration.

7. To update the new user, invalidate and validate the MID server.

8. When the MID Server status is changed to UP the updated username should be listed in the page:


Additional Information

Create the MID Server user and grant the role