PA dashboard tab content does not change when clicking on different tabs


From the customer perspective, this issue is presented on Responsive Dashboards that contains more than one tab, and the content of these tabs have one or more reports. Clicking on a few of the tabs does not work, and the content of the dashboard remains the same. This is not the same as having several tabs with the same content because the content itself does not refresh when the user clicks on the tab.

From the technical support perspective, when we click on the tabs that don't render content on the dashboard, what we see by using the console log from the browser's dev tools is malformed JSON.

js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:124 SyntaxError: Unexpected token 	 in JSON at position 1105
    at JSON.parse ()
    at Cc (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:21)
    at gc (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:98)
    at js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:99
    at q (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:12)
    at md (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:99)
    at f (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:101)
    at js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:137
    at m.$eval (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:152)
    at m.$digest (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-06-2019_1040&lp=Mon_Mar_04_08_08_59_PST_2019&c=17_244:149)



Release or Environment

All Releases.


The cause for this issue is that on the [pa_widgets] or [sys_report] tables, there are one or more records with "name" or "description" or "title" containing a special character. Also using copy and paste to populate the description filed can also copy special characters, thus causing the issue. it is preferable to manually type the entries. 



Look at each of the widgets that are on your Responsive Dashboard, and check the name, title and descriptions fo the widgets. If you identify any non-ASCII delete and retype the text.

If you are still experiencing an issue, please open a case, and work with your Technical Support Analyst to provide you with a list of records that contain non-ASCII characters. You will then need to go through the list and remove and retype the text.