Install Java 11 on MID servers


Note: These steps no longer need doing for Quebec and later instances, where Java 11 is bundled and fully supported. 

ServiceNow's OpenJDK build of Java 11 bundled with Quebec can be used with pre-Quebec MID Servers. See KB0719830 for the links to the JRE zip files.

Install Java 11

  1. To use Java 11 on MID Servers, go to the Java 11 installation folder.

    By default the file path is '<Java 11 installation folder>/conf/security/'.

  2. In the file, change the "keystore.type" variable from "pkcs12" to "jks".

  3. Add new JAR files from the java.xml.bind library to the instance.

    The following 3 JAR files are required. Version 2.3.0 was tested and verified.

    • jaxb-api from javax.xml.bind library

    • jaxb-core from com.sun.xml.bind library.

    • jaxb-impl from com.sun.xml.bind library.

    Instructions on how to install these JARs can be found here.

CPU Monitoring

To prevent crashing, CPU monitoring is disabled by default on Windows systems. The crash is due to the CPU monitoring utility attempting to use the SIGAR library, which has not been updated for Java 11. To enable CPU Monitoring with Java 11, first the SIGAR library must be replaced or fixed, then the MID Server parameter mid.monitoring.force_sigar_cpu_monitoring can be set to "true".