Timer fields do not display the correct data in Service Portal


Timer fields, such as time worked, do not display properly on the Service Portal. Instead of showing the time worked, it will display a value such as: 1969-12-31T16:10:24.

Note that this value also differs from what is shown in the xml for the record. If you show the record XML in the platform UI, the value will appear similar to the following:

<time_worked>1970-01-01 01:16:10</time_worked>


Example of Timer field in the backend/platform UI



Example of Timer field in the service portal UI

portal ui example

Steps to Reproduce

1) Edit any existing incident and add the "time worked" field. This field is a timer field type.
2) Create a new incident, ensure the time worked field has information. Save the record.
3) Observe the time worked field in the platform/backend ui
4) See the same record in ServicePortal, for example:<INSTANCE>.service-now.com/sp?id=form&sys_id=<INC_SYS_ID>&table=incident
5) Observe the data displayed (example: 1969-12-31T17:16:10)

Expected behavior
Same value should be displayed in Service Portal.

Actual behavior
Different value for the same field is displayed in Service Portal.


You can create or edit a new view for the incident form in the platform UI. Ensure this view does not contain the Time Worked field. Then create an advanced view rule which forces this view if a service portal URL is detected.


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