Service portal field edit issue


If users open the same record in the service portal with two different browser tabs and when they edit the field, they can see the changes in both browser tabs. However, after editing the field in tab1, if you click to edit in tab2, then you won't be able to see the updated value which you were able to see when it is updated in tab1.

Steps to Reproduce

-Impersonate ITIL user and go to user_profile portal --> https://<instance_name>
-Open the same page in another browser tab
-Edit the "Bio" field in tab1.
Actual Behavior: You will see the value user entered in tab2 as well.
-Try to edit the same "Bio" field in tab2.
Actual Behavior: You won't be able to see the value which you set in tab1
Expected Behavior: You should be able to see the value when you edit the field.


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