From service portal, rejecting an approval record does not make comments mandatory like in the platform UI


As per the out of box functionality for Rejecting Approval records it is mandatory to fill out the Comments field. This works on the platform as well as in CMS. However in Service Portal, the system processes rejection of the sysapproval_approver record even without comments.


Steps to Reproduce

- Goto any out of box instance
- Query Approval records in Requested state as below
- Impersonate one of the Approvers for these records making sure they have Approver role
- On platform, reject one of the record and the system mandates comments to be entered for rejecting approvals
- Try the same in Service Portal by clicking on the Approval header link and rejecting one of the available records in the list

Actual Behavior: The reject gets processed without entering the mandatory comments.
Expected behavior: The rejection shouldn’t process without comments.


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