Duplicated OOB UI Actions for a separate domain does not work.



When an OOB UI Action (ex- Copy Incident) is duplicated for a separate domain, it will not work.

Clicking the button or context menu does nothing.

The browser console log will throw the error below


Verify if the UI Action Script is calling any DOM.

The call should be something like this: cel('form', document.body);

Whenever a client-side script encounters a DOM call, the system will isolate or ignore that script.

This is the expected behavior of the instance, as we do not support DOM Manipulations.

But, for certain OOB scripts, it will still execute with the DOM calls included within the scripts.

OOB Scripts are created with isolate script set to false with DOM included in them.


Modify the UI Action form or Configure the list view for UI Actions.

Add the field/column Isolate Script.

If it's set to true, change the value to false. The script will now execute with the desired functionality.

For OOB scripts with DOM calls, the isolate script is already set to false.

The same applies to Client Scripts as well.