Agent Mobile: Images uploaded using the ServiceNow Agent mobile app while creating new record does not get saved


Agent Mobile:  In the ServiceNow Agent mobile app, when a user creates a new record and choose to upload an image then submits the request, viewing the same record in platform UI the image attachment does not get saved

Steps to Reproduce

Enable the "ITSM Mobile" if it is not already enabled

1. In a Madrid Patch 3 instance, go to System Applications > Studio
2. Open the "ITSM Mobile" application
3. Click on "Create an Applet"
4. Create a new data item to the "incident" table, leaving the other settings as default
5. Create a new function of type "action item" with context as "global" and add a few UI parameters and Action parameters mappings
6. Create a new action item of type "New" for the incident table and add a few fields to the "Set field values" section. In the "Item parameters -> Writeback" related list, add a few item parameters
7. Now go back to the applet from step 3 and go to the Functions section and create a new menu function record and associate it to the function created in step 5
8. Log into the Agent mobile app as an end user (e.g, Joe Employee) and open the application created in step 1
9. Open the function created in step 5 to create a new record and upload an in image then submit the changes
10. On platform UI, open the incident record created in step 9

Expected behavior: The image should be attached to the incident record

Actual behavior: There are no attachment attached to the incident record


1. Change the function context to record.
2. Fill the table field.
3. Save the the function record.
4. Change back the context to global and save the record.

NOTE: This workaround only works for declarative actions. "Allow image upload" function is currently not supported for scripted actions and Above workaround verified on Orlando Instance

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