Gmail Replies doesn't work in align with Default -Inbound Email Property - Discarding Everything after (glide.pop3.reply_separators)



  1. In Inbound Email Properties
  2. Look for "Discard everything below this text if found in a reply body :"- (glide.pop3.reply_separators) by default set to \n\n-----Original Message-----,\n\n _____ \n\nFrom:

It will work fine with Outlook and Hotmail and most email applications.

But Recently Gmail replies don't carry From: 

So When SN instance receives replies from Gmail, it doesn't discard the previous replies, hence the whole email chain is carried on to the Task when it is added in Reply Inbound action.


All Versions including Kingston, London and Madrid


Gmail Replies no longer carry the traditional format (like outlook) when you reply, it has been modified to a single line (see difference below)


Instead of "FROM: ", you can opt for "wrote: " (for only gmail inbound) 

which might solve the issue for maximum emails from gmail., unless customer writes "wrote:" in the actual reply (latest). 

So you can amend the property -

glide.pop3.reply_separators -\n\n-----Original Message-----,\n\n _____ \n\nFrom:,wrote:

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