"Updated by" shows unexpected usernames on "Welcome" page of Workflow Editor



"Updated by" shows unexpected usernames on "Welcome" page of Workflow Editor


1. The list view you see on the workflow editor shows the "Workflow Version" table (wf_workflow_version).
2. Hence, the "Updated by" on the list denotes the user who updated workflow version only, not the one who published / checked out / changed the workflow activities. 
3. The first time the workflow is run, the validators are triggered and when the workflow version passes the validators, the record is updated (thus the updated_by value is updated) by the user who kicks off the workflow. This updated_by value does not change to the next user who triggers the workflow by ordering that item 
4. This is how it works: 

- Admin checks out the current published version of the workflow. 
- This creates a new record in the wf_workflow_version table as a new version. 
- Admin makes changes on the workflow and publishes it. 
- Any other user (non-admin) uses the current version e.g. by requesting an item. 
- This will update the wf_workflow_version.sys_updated_by field with that non-admin user. 
- If another non-admin user uses the workflow by creating a request, his/her name will not overwrite the previous user. 

Additional Information

It is not possible to exactly tell which user has published the workflow version or when was the version published as the wf_workflow_version table is not audited.