ESS Users (in Requested For field) not able to see variables on RITM



Users with no roles / ESS users / the user in 'Requested For' field cannot view the variables on RITM. Other ITIL users are able to view the variables on RITM.


Any Release


A user without any role by default sees the Self Service view on the RITM which doesn't have variable editor field configured on form layout. Thus the variables are not visible to the user on the Self Service view.


To resolve the issue configure variable editor field on the Self service view on the form layout of sc_req_item.
Follow the steps below:
-Login as an admin
-Navigate to Requested Items
- Click on the hamburger icon and select Configure>Form Layout 
-Select View name "Self Service"
-Search "variable editor" field and move it to the right of the slush bucket
-Save the changes

Now the variables would be visible on Self Service view to the ESS users.