The Global Search Groups "Optional Label" does not work as documented and does not show in search results


The option to add an Optional Label to show on the global search results page no longer works for text search tables under search groups.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Search Groups and open a search group like tasks.
  2. In the related list for the text search tables, personalize the list layout to add the Optional label field.
  3. Check if the output records for incident, change_request, change_tasks have the optional Label value.


Ref.: Add a search group

Optional label : Enter the label to display for the table. For example for a search group intended for your Sales team, display Contacts instead of Users for the User [sys_user] table.

This does not work anymore in the new Global search results page and the results are grouped under the actual table name like Knowledge. It should show the “Optional Label” rather than the table name.


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