Discovery updates the older Hostname while the IP is reused.



  • Discovery is modifying the Ci names with the old decommissioned CI names with same IP.
  • Actual CI name for example was "ABC" in CMDB. After the discovery scan, the CI name "ABC" is updates as "ctx_test".


Kingston Patch 14a


Upon reviewing the system property "glide.discovery.use_probe_results_cache" found it is set to true, hence the Discovery looks at the available cache based on the IP and populates the basic Data to CMDB using the cache rather using the real output, hence we might see the issue.


  • Delete the CI which is populated with the older hostname.
  • Navigate to "" and search for "glide.discovery.use_probe_results_cache"
  • Open the "glide.discovery.use_probe_results_cache" record and set the value to "false"
  • Execute a new Discovery on the IP