Dashboard with Multi Level Pivot, the Report header row not redrawn (columns not aligned) when horizontal scroll created on browser resize.


When you have a Dashboard with Multi-Level Pivot report as a widget, the Report header row is not redrawn (columns not aligned) when the horizontal scroll is created on browser window resize.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Using the new report UI, create a 'Multi-Level Pivot Table' report as with this information:
    • Table: Incident [incident]
    • Select columns: Assignment group
    • Select rows: Category, Subcategory
    • Aggregation: Count
  2. Save and Run the report.
  3. Resize the browser and notice that the report header is not redrawn with respect to the columns, there is a misalignment. The counts (grey column) are not under the 'Count' header.
  4. Resize the browser to normal size.
  5. Place report on an Interactive Dashboard (Self Service - > Dashboards).
  6. Resize the browser to create a horizontal scroll bar in the report widget. Notice the misalignment again header and columns) as well as the double header.

  7. Use the horizontal scroll bar to see the header is not redrawn with respect to the columns.

Expected Result: Pivot report should be rendered correctly, header matching columns

Actual Result: Pivot report header does not match the columns


A workaround is to resize the browser window. Then the multi-pivot header will again line up with the columns.

After carefully considering the severity and frequency of the issue, and risk of attempting a fix, it has been decided to not address this issue in any current or future releases. We do not make this decision lightly, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions regarding this problem, contact ServiceNow Technical Support.

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