Report not returning Data for Users



When running a report some users experience some fields not returning data, where as another user may see the data.

This can occur when a user does not meet the ACL requirements to read the field or table.



Any Release



To check what ACL might be causing the issue you can run a security rules debug as an admin user impersonating the affected user.

  1. Log into instance as a user that has the admin role.
  2. Turn on Debug Security Rules; this can be found System Security --> Debug Security Rules
  3. Impersonate the affected user
  4. Run the report that the user has identified
  5. When the report loads review the debug logs (Click here for Security Debug Tools)
  6. When identified add the role or group that the user is missing and test that the user now has access to read the data

Note: Another way to check the users access is try accessing the list view of the table and add the field that is trying to be viewed. The table list view is another place the Debug can be used to check.