The "Apply to groups" field on Presence State is not scalable for instances with large number of groups and creates performance issues when loading the module


The Presence State module takes too long to load when there are over 70k user groups in an instance. The reason is due to the Presence State form displaying the "Apply to groups" column as a slushbucket rather than a list.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Create 70k+ groups in the instance.
2. Go to presence state,.
3. Open a record.
4. Uncheck apply to all groups field.


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The workaround consists in changing the field type for the "Apply to groups" field from slushbucket to list, and then configuring the list to reference the Group table:

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables.
  2. Open the record for the Presence State [awa_presence_state] table.
  3. In the Columns tab, open the record for the "Apply to groups" column.
  4. On the form, change the Type field from Slush Bucket to List.
  5. From the form context menu, click Save.
  6. In the Reference field, under the Reference Specification tab, select Group [sys_user_group].
  7. For the Reference qual condition, create the following condition: [Active] [is] [true].
  8. Click Update.

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