Task timeout expired. Endpoint status record remained in App Discovery state.



CI with exclamation mark found on business service map. Clicking on the CI reveals error message "Task timeout expired. Endpoint status record remained in App Discovery state.".

Error Message Image


All currently supported releases


The maximum time for a Service Mapping task in minutes (including waiting for execution in internal queues and ECC queue) was exceeded.

The property sa.discovery_task_timeout_min controls this value. The OOB value is 120 minutes.

This will often be seen in two case scenarios:

  1. Pattern discovering CI takes too long to complete.
  2. Ecc input of topic "ServiceDiscoveryProbe" for the pattern was not processed due to an error. Example error:
    "Payload length <num> exceeded limit of <limit>".


The resolution will depend on the root cause. In general, the solution will consist of:

  1. Setting mid server to debug(MID parameter mid.log.level = debug).
  2. Review of MID server agent logs to determine why the timeout was exceeded.

It is possible that a pattern could take longer than the OOB timeout even though there are no issues or errors. If the pattern cannot be improved to complete within the set value, optionally, the value of system property can be increased to accommodate for the pattern.