Publishing an application to repository returns error



Users can download custom applications from ServiceNow store, from Developer Projects or from third party vendors. When a user downloads and commits an update set containing all the application files related to a custom application, this becomes available in Studio to modify contents of this application. However, it is likely that the custom application cannot be further internally published to app repository to download on other instances owned by the same company. 

Please note that this kind of application comes with a warning, that issues caused by project found on Share do not qualify for support by ServiceNow. 

So if there are any issues with either developing this application further or publishing to store, ServiceNow support cannot assist with this and hence cannot provide any best practices or recommendations. 

Publishing an application to internal repository must have the following format x_<COMPANY_IDENTIFIER>_applicationName. This identifier needs to be unique to each application and is often auto-populated while creating a custom application. 


An example of such an application is: "Loaner Request" found on Share!/share/contents/6249193_loaner_request_system?v=3&t=PRODUCT_DETAILS

When attempting to download the application files that come as a remote update set that can be easily imported in a ServiceNow instance, users will see a download warning :

Once downloaded, the update set can be previewed and committed. Committing update set will install an application with a scope name "x_loaner" 

Even if this application can be further used for development, it cannot be published to the repository since it does not have correct scope name format.

Additional Information

If there is an issue publishing an application with correct scope name, please follow: KB0712291