Cannot edit the already added favorites in the bookmarks and favorites section of navigator on platform



On editing the already added favorites in the Bookmarks and Favorites section of the navigator, the changes does not get saved after refreshing the browser.

Steps to Reproduce:
-Add modules to favorite
-Go to favorites tab and click the pencil at bottom to edit
-Rename any favorite and rearrange it's position
-Save the changes
-Refresh the page
Observe that the changes made didn't get saved.


Any Release


Any bookmark (in the sys_ui_bookmark table) with a blank title and a blank url, causes the issue of not being able to save the changes made on existing favorites.


To resolve the issue follow the steps below:

-Navigate to sys_ui_bookmark.list table

-Search for a bookmark with blank title and blank url

-Export the xml for that record and use the delete UI action to remove that bookmark record

-Refresh the browser page

-Test by renaming or re-ordering any added favorite in the navigator

Observe that now the changes made on favorites get saved.