CMP - Roles and Responsibilities



This Article is to demonstrate on Cloud Management Platform User Roles and Responsibilities  


  • Roles control access to features and capabilities of the Cloud Management application. In a large Enterprise environment, responsibilities for Cloud may be distributed across a number of different teams and functional groups.
  • To accommodate the structural complexity of large organizations, Cloud Management contains nine built-in roles. Root administrator [sn_cmp.cmp_root_admin]: Provides the highest level of application access for Cloud Management.


Roles and their Responsibilities 

  • Cloud administrator [sn_cmp.cloud_admin]:

    • Configures the Cloud Management application and sets up the cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud Governor [sn_cmp.cloud_governor] :
    • Monitors overall cloud usage and enforces compliance of the organization's rules, quotas, and policies. Also manages tags and permissions to various objects.

  • Service Designer  [sn.cmp.cloud_service_d esigner]:

    • Creates  blueprints,AR M and CloudFormation temp lates and catalog items.

  • Cloud operator [sn_cmp.cloud_operator]:

    • Monitors and troubleshoots the Cloud Management application.

  • Cloud Event Integration [sn_cmp.cloud_event_integration]:

    • Provides access to the instance for external cloud event integrations 

  • Cloud Group Admin [sn_cmp.cloud_group_admin]:

    • Grant admin access to any group that the user belongs to

  • Cloud Solution Designer [sn_cmp.cloud_solution_designer]:

    • Provides access to the Cloud Solution deployer
  • Cloud User [sn_cmp.cloud_service_user]:

    • Requests and Manages Stacks and Resources