Inbound email body may be moved to an attachment after upgrading to Madrid



The email record will have a blank email body.
The email log has a message Attachment: ,text/plain
An attachment that contains the email body text may be attached to the target record.
The headers contain Content-Disposition: inline


Madrid and higher.


Starting in Madrid, there was a change in design where if the email headers contain Content-Disposition: inline, we assume this means it is an attachment. However, in some cases, the customer is sending text inline.

Additional Information

Some email clients, such as the Mutt email client, include the Content-Disposition: inline header; therefore, emails sent by such email clients to a Madrid or higher instance are prone to experience this issue without the resolution below.


To revert to the pre-Madrid behavior:

1. In the Application Navigator, enter sys_properties.list
2. Click New.
Type: true|false
Value: true
3. Click Submit.